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“Compost and Compost Tea Training”

Held in Nelson, BC

May 6, 7 and 8, 2010


Terra Erosion Control Ltd's staff participated in a compost and compost tea course facilitated by Mario Lanthier of CropHealth Advising & Research, Kelowna, BC. 

The objectives of the training, provided over three days in May 2010, were to teach staff how to prepare high quality compost, compost tea and about its use in site reclamation projects.  Participants learned how to prepare compost, how to prepare compost for the suppression of plant diseases and about the preparation of compost tea with various compost tea recipes.  Participants also learned about soil biology, plant microorganisms and about water conservation with organic matter and mycorrhizal fungi. 

Participants also made site visits to Glade Valley Gardens, a composting organic farm, the Celgar Pulp mill in Castlegar, to see their biosolids composting, and to the Regional District of the Central Kootenay transfer station, to see their yard waste composting facility. The group also learned how to test finished compost for diseases and quality with various tests. 


Mr. Mario Lanthier of CropHealth Advising & Research, teaching the classroom component. 

Field Visits

Site Visit to Glade Valley Gardens


The group learns about the farm's
composting practices.

Examining "cured" compost.

A 48" compost thermometer is used to make sure the compost
reaches a temperature that will kill pathogens.

Site Visit to RDCK Transfer Station


Group with the manager of the transfer station.

Composted (foreground) and uncomposted brush.

Compost Tea Preparation

Using compost tea brewers of various sizes, the group first aerated the water for the tea.  This allows any chlorine in the water to evaporate.  Then the various ingredients were added and the tea was allowed to brew. 


Compost tea brewers of various sizes.

Measuring ingredients for the compost tea.


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Compost and Compost Tea Training