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Surface Drainage using Live Pole Drain Systems

Live pole drain (LPD) systems are commonly used in conjunction with other soil bioengineering methods and/or conventional engineering. They are constructed using cylindrical bundles of live cuttings in conjunction with dead materials that are placed in a shallow excavated trench to drain excess ground moisture causing slope instability.

Live pole drain systems allow for vegetation establishment, by reducing earth slumping as a result of improved drainage, thereby increasing slope stabilization. The plants, through evapo-transpiration after rooting, also provide increased uptake of ground water.


The dimensions and layout of each LPD system is site specific; they are located where seepage occurs on a slope, and are designed to drain excess water into locations such as road ditches, water bodies and/or French drains.


LPD system using Gynerium sp.

LPD system using Gynerium sp.



Live pole drain/fascines

Live pole drain/fascines
(Donald H. Gray, Robbin B. Sotir 1996)

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Live Pole Drains for Surface Drainage