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Sediment Control and Traps

Erosion and sediment control problems are often associated with in stream work, road building, right-of-way construction and slope failures. These problems can frequently be prevented through planning and implementation of an erosion and sediment control plan. A runoff, erosion and sediment control plan includes the use of sediment traps, in association with sediment control structures to trap/retain suspended sediment on site or within an enclosed in stream work area.

Sediment traps are temporary or permanent sediment control structures that reduce water velocity and allow soil particles to settle. The remaining water is filtered through geotextile or organic type structures, such as straw bales, before entering a storm water system or natural watercourse. Sediment traps are simple to construct and relatively inexpensive; they can also be removed or vegetated to anchor accumulated sediment. Monitoring and repairs are important components of a sediment control plan. Accumulated fill should be excavated and removed to a stable location to increase the storage capacity. These structures are often under estimated in their sediment trapping capabilities; however, if designed, constructed, and maintained correctly, they will contribute significantly to the sediment control management of a project.



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Confinement of sediment laden water inside turbidity curtain, North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton Alberta


Sediment settling pond, Storm Water
Outfall 13 Project, Edmonton, Alberta
Sediment trapped in straw bale sediment barrier


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Sediment Control and Traps