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Location: Fernie, British Columbia

Client: Tembec Industries Inc.

Objective: To train and supervise a First Nations crew as part of a regular crew on a riparian restoration project.

In October of 2001, Terra Erosion Control Ltd. was requested to provide training and supervision to a local First Nations crew as part of a riparian restoration project in Bighorn Creek. Bighorn Creek is located in southeastern British Columbia near the town of Fernie and is a major fish tributary to the Wigwam River.

The project consisted of identifying and collecting various native species to use for riparian restoration. The following species were used: black cottonwood (Populus balsamifera L. ssp. trichocarpa), willow (Salix scouleriana) and red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea). The harvested live cuttings were soaked in a local creek and transported on a forestry road and dry creek bed to the sites This was followed by machine assisted hand planting or "live staking" of gravel bars and a live palisade. The work was done on a total of nine gravel bars over a distance of 2 kilometres, planting a total of 12 000 cuttings using a 14- person crew over a two- week period.

The primary objective was to accelerate vegetative growth in riparian and floodplain areas in order to stabilize gravel accumulation along reach 4 of Bighorn Creek. The live palisade was established to provide a stout riparian cover of cottonwood trees adjacent to the eroding bank.


Harvesting of live materials


Transportation of live materials



Soaking of live materials


Transport of live materials on creek bed



Planting of live stakes within gravel bar



Live gravel bar staking fall 2001



Live gravel bar summer 2003



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