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Removal of Old Wooden Culverts and Bridge in a Domestic Watershed


Location: Castlegar, British Columbia

Client: Arrow Forest District

Objective: To remove old wooden culverts and a wooden bridge on a forestry road with limited access. To establish vegetation, reduce sediment delivery into the Blueberry Community Watershed and to maintain water quality.

The College Creek drainage of the Blueberry Watershed is located in the interior of southern British Columbia near the town of Castlegar. This project consisted of a road deactivation prescription and implementation. It involved the removal of old wooden culverts and a wooden bridge, slope re-contouring, stream bank re-rehabilitation, and grass seeding.

The implementation of the work was based on approval of the prescription developed by Terra Erosion Control Ltd. by local government agencies. These included the Ministry of Forests, the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, and the Blueberry Community Watershed. The work was carried out during the fish window in the late summer / early fall of 1996.

Successfully implemented, the site has now become a demonstration site for students attending the Renewable Resources Program of Selkirk College, Castlegar Campus.


Bridge debris instream, spring 1996


Bridge abutment spring 1996


Re-contouring of old wooden bridge site



Work completed fall 1996




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