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Controlling Surface Erosion on Bridge Approach using Erosion Matting and Live Staking


Location: Nelson, British Columbia

Client: Kootenay Lake Forest District

Objective: To stabilize exposed side-cast material, prevent sedimentation into the Give Out Creek domestic watershed and to prevent surface erosion and establish vegetation.

Give Out Creek is located in the south east of British Columbia, near the town of Nelson. A sedimentation hazard was created within the domestic watershed of Give Out Creek as a result of the installation of a new bridge, which exposed soil on the downstream side of the structure.

Coconut matting was installed over the side-cast on the downstream side of the bridge in the fall of 1998. The area was grass-seeded under the coconut matting, and the matting was then secured using live willow stakes. The site was monitored during the summers of 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2004. The following results were observed: stabilized side-cast materials and good growth on the willow stakes and grasses.


Site fall 1998


Installation of coconut matting, grass seeding
and live stakes


Site summer 1999


Willow growth summer 1999


Site summer 2001


Growth on willow stakes, summer 2001


Site fall 2003 (all 3 photos)


Summer 2004

Summer 2004

Summer 2004

Summer 2004