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Landslide Restoration on Forestry Road within a Domestic Watershed


Location: Slocan, British Columbia

Client: Slocan Forest Product Ltd.

Objective: To rehabilitate a debris flow, restore stability of the slide, and to re-establish native vegetation. To reduce sediment delivery to Springer Creek.

Springer Creek is located in the southern interior of British Columbia. Terra Erosion Control Ltd. developed and implemented a soil bioengineering prescription to rehabilitate a debris flow, which was caused by diverted water on an upper road system within a domestic watershed. The implementation of the work was carried out at the end of July 1998. The site was stabilised through soil bioengineering techniques such as; wattle fences, live gully break, live staking, and live smiles using local willow cuttings, which had been in cold storage for a period of four months. The site was re-assessed for growth during the fall of 1998 and the willow cuttings showed a survival rate of 98%. The site was then monitored again in the summer of 1999 and 2001. The results of this monitoring showed functioning structures; in addition, the live sediment trap using a wattle fence system in the lower portion of the slide successfully trapped a large amount of sediment while the vegetation was establishing.

Site prior commencing work Spring 1998

Site July 1998

Site October 1998

Willow growth October 1998


Wattle fence functioning as live
sediment trap Summer 1999


Site August 2001


Summer 2001, wattle fence and willow growth.

Site summer 2001.



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Landslide Restoration on Forestry Road within a Domestic Watershed