Vegetated riprap used as protection of storm water outfall 56 project, City of Edmonton, Alberta

Protection of storm water outfall 56 project

Innovative techniques can provide additional planning tools when approaching sites with challenging soil conditions, high soil erosion potential, and where the establishment of vegetation for enhancement / creation of fish & wildlife habitat is important.

Terra Erosion Control has experimented with the vegetation of riprap over the past ten years. As a result we have developed a technique that will successfully establish vegetation during the installation of riprap structures. This vegetation will provide additional bank protection, soften the rock appearance, and enhance fish habitat along the shoreline.

Sites that are saturated due to underground seepage water are often a problem to reclaim or stabilize due to ongoing earth slumping and flowing of sediment. Techniques such as a live pole drain system can effectively drain excess water from such sites and allow vegetation to establish, while improving surface slope stability. This surface drainage technique can also be combined with conventional engineering systems.

Degraded sites are often depleted in soil microorganisms. These organisms are essential to healthy plant growth and proper soil/ecosystem functioning. Compost Tea applications can help to replenish the soil microbial community on such sites. Terra Erosion Control has been experimenting with compost tea applications since 2007.
Preparation of compost for tea brewing

Preparation of compost for tea brewing



Live pole drain system, Beaver Creek project
Fort McMurray, Alberta
Live pole drain system

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