Feature Project

Teck Cominco Riverbank Restoration Project

The objective of this project was to establish vegetation on the hillside and adjacent riverbank below the lead-zinc smelter in order to reduce/control soil erosion and improve visual, wildlife and fish habitat values. 

Riverbank and hillside adjacent to the Teck Cominco lead-zinc smelter and the Columbia River in Trail, BC.



Steep Slope Stabilization

Introduction to Steep Slope Stabilization

Riparian Restoration/Stream Bank Protection

Introduction to Riparian Restoration/Stream Protection

Sediment Control and Traps

Introduction to Sediment Control and Traps

Industrial and Mining Reclamation

Introduction to Industrial and Mining Reclamation

Innovative Techniques

  Introduction to Innovative Techniques

Vegetated Rip Rap

    Introduction to Vegetated Rip Rap

Live Pole Drains

    Introduction to Live Pole Drains

Compost Tea

    Introduction to Compost Tea